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By 2MorroW |

I transcribed  this grave/memeorial  stone found  on a visit to Nuku Hiva , Marquesas Island, French Polynesia

Issac, Ike, Bob McKITTRICK

Born in Liverpool, England, September 11 1891

Died in Taiohae, Nuku Hiva, May 2 1958


Robert, Bob McKITTRICK

Born in Vaipae, Nuku Hiva - October 3 1918

Died in Taiohoe, Nuku Hiva - March 16 2006


Louise Elizabeth LICHTLE, Born  Ua Huka, February 1909, died November 17 1922 in Ua Huka

Some Terms Found on Dutch Genealogy Websites

By Wendwell |

Some Dutch websites, such as the free to use , have an Engish language option.

For the sites that don't have this option, here is a list of terms I have recorded during my searches using Google Translate.


Dutch dates when written with year first – eg.

1723.11.12 = year month day = 12/11/1723


Aangiftedatum – Declaration Date

Aanvraagfuncties niet beschikbaar - Inquiry functions not available

Achternaam – last name

Aflopend – descending

Aktedatum – date of registration

Begraafboek – Burial Book

Bestand nog niet bestkibaar - file not yet available

Bevolkingsregisters - Population Registers Bladzijde - page Bron – source Bruidegom - groom Buur – neighbour Deel - age Dochtor - daughter

Doopinschrijving – Baptismal Registration

Dopeling - baptised

geboort – birth

geb. te - born in

Geboorteakten – Birth Certificate

Geboortejaar – birth year

Geboortedatum – DoB

Gemente – town

Gerechtelijke akte - legal deed

Geregistreerde - registered

Genoemd – mentioned

Getuige - witness

Gewettigd bij huwelijk – legitimate in marriage

Huwelijksakten - Marriage Certificate

Hypotheek - mortgage

Inschrijving in dode – death record

Kerkelijke gezindte – religious denomination

Koop – buy

Koper - buyer

Kranten – newspapers

Kwitanie – receipt

Leeftijd - age

Machtiging – authorisation / warrant

Naam moeder onbekend – name of mother unknown

Niet genoemd - not mentioned

Onbekend - unknown

Ondertrouwdatum ouders – Date of Banns - proof of marriage / legitimacy

Opmerking – note

Overledene - deceased

Overlijden – Death

Overlijdensdatum – date of death

Overlijdensplaats – Place of death

Overlijdensakten - Death Certificate

Personen – Persons

Soort akte - Type of deed

Togangsnummer – Access Number

Toelichting - Expalantion

Trouwboek – marriage certificate

Tussenvoegsel de Achternaam - insertion of last name

Voogdij – guardianship

vrouw – woman / wife

Weduwe – widow

Weesboek - orphan book

Wis – clear, as in start new search.

Zoek - search

  Patronymic names appear in older Dutch records. These may not always be obvious due to abbreviations.

  E.g. Jan Wouterszn van Meggelen, the zn at the end of Wouters is short for zoon / son.