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Help with WW2 RAF Uniform Badges Please

By annette |


Could anyone help me with the badges on the uniform of the chap on the right of this photo? He is my Uncle Chris and family legend always had it (think my dad perpetuated the myth) that Uncle Chris was a rear gunner on Lancaster Bombers during WW2, however, I've got his discharge papers which give his rank as LAC (Leading Aircraft Man)? and his trade as ACH/GD (Aircraft Handler/General Duties)? The papers also say he is 'unfit for active service'.  I know he was in Egypt during the war, so did go overseas.

Many thanks in advance!

All the best



I agree with Bertie, he was an Air Gunner. It's a shame we can't see his sleeves. The LAC badge was a propeller blade. An LAC was roughly equivalent to a senior Private in the Army or an able seaman in the Royal Navy. The term 'aircraftsman' was replaced by 'aviator' in 2021 to reflect the increasing number of women in the RAF


What can I say?  Thank you so much Bertieone and Andy J for your help!  That's fantastic information, which I will save on his branch of the family tree.   I will have a look and see if I can find a different photo of him in uniform.  My dad said you had to be as mad as a box of frogs to do be a gunner, Uncle Chris was the best (he passed away when  I was about 10).  Looking at his papers, he was in the tank regiment in the T.A prior to WW2, makes sense for him to be a gunner then.

Thanks again, and all the best


I've found another photo, which shows there is also a badge on his right sleeve -it looks like a horizontal, narrow oblong, unfortunately, if I try and zoom in on it, it just goes blurry.  However, I'm made up with the information you have already given me. 

Thanks Again,