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Photos of Kensington

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Photos of Kensington

Hi there,

Realise this may be a long shot, but does anyone have any photos of the block of shops on the south side of Kensington between Houlton and Holdsworth Streets (nos 242-264) prior to the construction of Kensington Square?  I believe that 242 was occupied by the Pawn Shop Pub before demolition if that helps anyone locate this block.

My great-grandparentsl lived above their son's hairdressing business at 256 Kensington from c.1900-1924, after which their daughter Ada Killey used the downstairs premises first as a second hand bookshop and later as a bakery/confectioner's.

The shop was later occupied by an Ellis and Co Estate Agents.

I would imagine it stood until it was demolished during the construction of the Kensington Square development but have never seen it and would love to have a photograph if anyone can help.

Thanks so much in advance and take care,

Andy Barton

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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The most likely places to ask for/find photographs are through some of the Facebook Groups where people have copies themselves and are happy to share.

Kensington -,%20Liverpool/112110618800821/

Liverpool Today and History -

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Thanks Mary. Had seen the Kensington FB site but it appears to be more focussed on local services for current residents than history. Will try some of the others if I don't get any joy on here. Anything anyone can tell me about the block could potentially be of interest.  After posting I discovered that Google Earth allows users to access street views back to 2008 so at least I have an image of the (pretty much derelict) block now though hard to determine which unit was no. 256.

Thanks again


Hello Andy,

Sorry no photo but must have walked past the location many times in the 1960's. You may already have a map showing where the shop was precisely:-



Hi Promenade. Thanks so much for posting the map for me. I only came across it myself the day I posted and was super happy to find out that I had the right block!  Interestingly the street numbering on the opposite (north side) block is still the same as it was in this map, with no. 209 on the corner of Kensington/Hawkins Street.

This is the image I found on Google Street View for 2008. Have outlined the two units I think are the most likely candidates. 

Thanks again for your help Promenade - take care