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Still searching Eddleston

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Still searching Eddleston

Hello everyone,

I contacted you last year in the hope of finding more about my Maternal Grandfather, John Eddleston born in 1880. You very kindly found he had been in the Prescot Union and then in the Kirkdale School from 10th April 1884 to 11th December 1886 before returning to Prescot. I know very liitle about his life until he married Bertha Goodlad in Manchester on 12th August 1908, he is not appearing on the 1891 or 1901 censuses.

I have been doing some research and I have discovered from the 1881 census a young boy John Forrest aged 1 living at 15, Volunteer St. Windle, Prescot. His mother is Kate (Catherine Forrest) and he is living with a household headed by Thomas Eddleston.

The Forrest family were headed by an Irishman Henry Forrest and his wife Catherine also Irish. In the 1871 census they were living at Victoria St Windle, Catherine was then 11. The 1881 census shows them at 11, Gerard St Windle.

Interestingly John Forrest seems to have been born in Glasgow. I am thinking that as he was born out of wedlock maybe Catherine was sent up to Glasgow to have him although I can't find a record of his birth. Was this a common occurrence then? I would like to find out where he may have been born and when.

Catherine then marries Edward Eddleston on 26th December 1881 (I have got the marriage cert), so young John would then become John Eddleston, this I believe to be my Grandfather. Thomas Eddleston born 1855 (mentioned before) and Edward Eddleston born 1861 are brothers.

I have no idea what happened to the marriage of Catherine and Edward but tragically Catherine died in Prescot Union and was buried in February 1884, a little baby Edward Eddleston was buried in July 1884 at St Mary the Virgin Prescot aged 5 months. I can only assume Catherine died giving birth to Edward. Her other son John was in Prescot Union at the same time and I wonder if he was told he had a brother or his mother had died?

I have no evidence that Edward was in the Workhouse, he remarried in 1889 to Elizabeth Hesketh.

Sorry about the length of this but I am trying to get things straight in my own mind. I need to be sure John Forrest (Eddleston) is my Grandfather. Why was he born in Glasgow? Are there any records? Why would Catherine and John end up in the Workhouse? Did Edward just abandon them, his wife must have been pregnant.

I believe the records from Prescot Union A-F, no longer exist so I don't know if I could find when John left or what happened to Catherine.

The only possible clue I have is that our family were friendly with a Middlehurst family in St Helens, a Middlehurst had a grocery shop on Gerard St. so maybe they knew John, also a Mr Middlehurst was a Guardian at Prescot Union (from Pauline Hursts' excellent book). I am wondering that whenever John left Prescot Union he went to live with a Middlehurst?

It is a bit of a saga but I am hoping to find out some more with the help of the Society.









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I'm sorry that we haven't been able to reply to your enquiry Roy, I believe like myself, others have probably had difficulty in discovering anything to report back to you.

Another option might be to forward an enquiry to be placed into our Journal, it might be read by a wider audience living in the area in question.  Write to

I hope somebody in the locality might know something of the family.


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Thanks Mary, will try enquiring via the Journal.





R Smith