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Forum Protocols

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Forum Protocols

The Forum is funded by the Society for the benefit of it's members.  Our Forum, unlike others, is run without annoying advertisements on the pages.

We believe that the Forum is a benefit of Society Membership which, together with the other benefits provides good value for money and we would encourage you to join and display your Membership Number in your profile.

If you decide to join/rejoin the Society, please be aware that your login to the Members Area of the website is separate from the login to the forum which you create yourself.

I would advise that it is not allowed to solicit assistance from our Forum and Society Members for monetary gain ie if you are undertaking research for others with the likelihood of payment, then do your own work. If it is found that you have charged a client for results that have had assistance from our forum, then you will be barred from the Forum and your Society Membership referred to the Committee for a decision.

Our crew help as much as they can, often searching resources that you may not have access to, or even visiting somewhere on your behalf, such as the Record Office, a Cemetery or Church.

A "thank you" is deemed only polite, but more importantly is a return visit to the forum to check for responses to your request.

No abusive, insulting, discriminatory, racist, inflammatory, or inappropriate language may be used in Posts or in Comments. No grievances or contentions may be aired publicly on the Group which may upset or offend others.